1、It is well known that human tears often serve to moisten the eye, protect it from infection, and wash away irritants; such tears are called irritant or reflex tears. Dr. Field hypothesizes that emotional tears have a different biological function. She suggests that by shedding tears when under emotional stress people excrete harmful chemicals that build up in such body fluids as blood serum during emotional stress.

Each of the following, if true, provides some support for Dr. Field’s hypothesis EXCEPT:

2、If x dollars Is invested at 10 percent for one year and y dollars is invested at 8 percent for one year, the annual income from the 10 percent investment will exceed the annual income from the 8 percent investment by $56. If $2000 is the total amount invested, how much is invested at 8 percent?

3、Is the positive integer p a prime number?
p is odd.
Ⅱ2 < p < 17

4、Seeking to spur science education, elementary and secondary schools will receive $25 million over the next ten years from the National Science Foundation to promote science.

The best correction of the underlined portion is:

5、In the late nineteenth century Annie Besant was widely regarded as one of the greatest living public orators, second only to Gladstone in a culture where oratory was the dominant public medium.

The best correction of the underlined portion is:

6、Between 3:00 am and 3:00 pm of the same day, the minute hand of a clock operating properly will turn through how many degrees?

7、In the United States profits from sales of Grainco’s biggest selling product, cornflakes, have dropped by 30 percent over the last 3 years. During this same time the value of a share of Grainco stock rose by over 20 percent. This is puzzling because the value of a stock usually decreases when a company’s sales decrease.

Which of the following, if true during the last 3 years, most helps explain why the value of a share of Grainco stock moved in the way it did.

8、If the area of a circle is 64π, then the diameter of the circle is:

9、Under the 1986 tax law, interest payments on a refinanced home loan are deductible only if the amount of the loan does not exceed the purchase price of the home, the cost of improvements, and any additional amount borrowed against the home to pay for medical or educational expenses.

The best revision of the underlined portion of the sentence is:

10、No matter how patiently they explain their reasons for confiscating certain items, travelers often treat customs inspectors like wanton poachers rather than government employees.

The best revision of the underlined portion of the sentence is:


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